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This site was Updated Nov. 23 2016

This Web Site is designed to introduce you to alternate energies & alternate fuels such as Biodiesel , HHO. Water powered cars and circuits disigned by Stan Myers, Urine Power, Geothermal, turning plastic waste into gas, old rubber tires into oil, wood into gas. We will show introduce you to some great tricks to get more from your rechargeable batteries, make a HHO Welder and Spot Welder. We attempt to answer many of your FAQ's on HHO. We will introduce you to the basics of Electronics, Electricity, wiring and trouble shooting and much much more.
We also look into the possibility that we may have been helped by ETs and the possibility that UFO's are affecting us and our planet. What are many high profile people saying and why are they comming forward now. The answer may shock you!
With the use of these Alternate Energy Sources you can lower the cost of your daily lives and your reliability on the commercial sector. You can strive for that independence we all want, from the large multinational corporations.
Whether gas or diesel, alternate energies can both increase your mileage and save you money. Whether wind power or solar power, you can help take a load of the system, keep money in your pocket while simultaneously  looking after our
ONE AND ONLY HOME, "Planet Earth".
If we don't stop relying on the oil and gas companies for our energy sources, when there are many other cleaner sources of energy available to us, what is to become of this planet and our home!
As we find more avenues to help you, we will upgrade this site to keep you informed on the latest and greatest innovations and systems out there.
We scoure the Internet and do the footwork for you.  We are looking for the most promising and inovatative information available, on new & promising Technologies. If you feel that we have missed something please email use at: zpmgroup@shaw.ca and we will check out your concerns.

We have included a number of videos and a good deal of data that will show you OR explain to you HOW & WHY things CAN and DO go wrong, when you don't take the proper precautions.

Motivation, Success, Greatness. -Will Smith

zpmgroup.net is commited to bringing you the most inovative & educational information as we find it, so check back often.
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 If you find this website helpful please donate as it helps to pay the bills, which in turn, allows us to research & bring you the latest discoveries, innovations & technology as we find it.
 If you have any concerns about this site or would like to suggest a topic please email us at: zpmgroup@shaw.ca
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